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People are taking a revolutionary step towards reducing their carbon emissions by using solar panels. However, solar panels require professional cleaning to keep them in full working order. The process involves unique expertise and knowledge of solar panel cleaning best practices for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. By hiring experienced professionals, like Evans Cleaning Services, for solar panel cleaning in Shoreline WA, you can keep your panels clean and in top-notch condition. Our expert cleaning solutions provide a long list of advantages, like increasing the solar system’s longevity and helping to provide a long-term solution for decreasing our carbon footprint. Experience the difference our cleaning services can make to your property by requesting our service today!

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Keeping your solar panels pristine can be a great way to get the most bang for your buck. Many forms of dirt, dust and other pesky invaders can reduce the effectiveness of your solar panels and decrease their ability to get energy from the sun. To ensure maximum performance with continued savings on electricity bills, taking regular steps to clean and maintain your solar power system is essential. Fortunately, enlisting a professional exterior cleaning company like Evans Cleaning Services can make it all a breeze and allow you to capitalize on greater energy efficiency.

Solar panel systems are an incredibly attractive investment in clean energy! If you’ve invested, you’ll want to go the extra mile and ensure its longevity. By regularly having your panels cleaned by the team of Evans Cleaning Services experts, you can protect them from damage and keep them effective for years to come. Our cleaning services clear debris such as dirt, leaves, and bird droppings from your solar panels. So, don’t let neglect get in the way of your great investment; put your solar system first with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Homeowners often think they can clean their solar panels themselves, but this is not always the best idea. Professional solar panel cleaning is a necessary step to keep your panels performing at their best and protect them from future damage. With Evans Cleaning Services, your panels will stay cleaner for longer because we use specialized equipment and techniques to clean the panels without causing any damage. In the long run, this will save you money by preventing future repairs to your panels or even an entire system failure.

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Evans Cleaning Services is the premier provider of solar panel cleaning in Shoreline WA. With our years of extensive experience, we guarantee that your solar panels are in the best possible condition for even the harshest weather conditions. We use only the highest quality, safe, eco-friendly products along with the latest cleaning technology to get your panels gleaming with no risk to the environment. Our experienced technicians ensure that your panels stay operational while being cleaned, minimizing disruption to any energy production. For solar panel cleaning services, we encourage you to get in touch with us today.

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Frequently Asked Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

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The number of times you clean your solar panels depends on your local environment and weather conditions. However, you should aim to clean your solar panels at least once every six months. Regularly cleaning your solar panels will help maintain their efficiency and prevent dust and debris from building up. 

It typically takes a couple of hours to complete most solar panel cleaning projects. However, there are many factors that play into the time it takes for our professionals to get the job done. For a more accurate estimate of how long the project will take, we encourage you to discuss your project with our crew.

No, solar panels should not get pressure washed. It’s very important that you rely on a solar panel cleaning company that understands soft washing techniques in order to not harm or damage your solar panels. At Evans Cleaning Services, we make sure we only use quality water-fed pole techniques along with eco-friendly cleaning agents for our solar panel cleaning services. 

 If debris, dust, dirt, or bird droppings settle on your solar panels for long periods of time and are left unresolved, your panels become ineffective. Thankfully, professional solar panel cleaning services are designed to get rid of these pesky invaders, so your panels don’t get damaged, and they work optimally all year.

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